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Shiatsu Corrected My Pregnancy Sciatica

I remember jumping up out of bed in serious pain. There was a nerve that was shooting pain up the back of my thigh and into the deep tissues of my buttocks. I was pregnant and thought, RLS? My husband thought that there was something wrong with the baby and I explained to him what I was feeling. He tried to massage away the pain, which really didn’t help. Eventually I took Tylenol and fell back asleep. Nightly the pain would return. Stretching didn’t work. I knew that I was taking all of my vitamins, including calcium. Water was not the issue. I finally asked my doctor, what is going on? She said that it was a sciatic nerve and it was perfectly normal during pregnancy. Normal is fine, but I surely was not fine with being in pain on a consistent basis.
I told EVERYONE about my sciatica in hopes of finding someone who went through the same issue. I asked how I could obtain relief. Many people had no idea. At the same time I was working full-time and putting together programs for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month at my company. During the process I wound up conversing with the owner of The International School of Shiatsu . I even told her about my pain! She asked me if I had ever had shiatsu and explained the benefits. I asked her, “can it fix this sciatic nerve issue that I am having?”. The answer was yes. I couldn’t get to that school fast enough! I worked with a woman named Diane who is based in New Jersey, but teaches students at the school. She is trained to work with pregnant women. For those of you not familiar with shiatsu, its like a massage with acupressure. Your body will be stretched and moved around during the process. It does not hurt and its not strenuous. I actually started falling asleep after the first couple of sessions. It really relaxed my body and improved the quality of my pregnancy.
If you are having sciatic nerve problems during your pregnancy, I would invite you to contact a shiatsu practitioner. Make sure that they are certified to work with pregnanct women. You will not be sorry.

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Your Go-To Maternity Dress for the Holidays! sells products of comfort and support for pre- and postnatal women, so when I saw this dress at a tradeshow, I HAD to add it to my store.  The 6 Way Maternity Dress is your go-to item for the holiday season.  6waydressIt is basically one dress that you can wear six (though I have counted ten) different ways.  Then throughout the holiday season you can wear this dress to every cocktail/holiday party by re-arranging, draping and twisting it into a different style.  Grab some chunky jewelery to glam it up or make is simple and sophisticated with diamond studs.

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Finally, A Store For Pregnant Women Over 25!

I had my first baby when I was 30. A dinosaur when you consider the clothing options that are available to women when they are pregnant. My days of skin tight maternity had left the building and moved on for good. This is why I was so happy to hear about Belly Couture in Lubbock, Texas! They are for pregnant women over the age of 25! They offer EVERYTHING! There is a crave bar for mommy, a gated play area for the kiddies, a diapering and nursing area and the best part of it all, a giant TV for daddies!

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