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Pancakes Schmancakes

As a working mother of two children I really do try to do it all, which explains why I want to pass out with my clothes on every evening. I am blessed to have a husband that makes lunches and assists with the bedtime routine…The truest example of teamwork making the dream work. On Mondays, my grandmother watches the 21 month old. She made me feel absolutely horrible that I wasn’t making a full on breakfast for my boys. I thought that oatmeal was perfectly acceptable. It’s warm and yummy and takes no time to make. So recently she started making bacon at her home and BRINGING it to my house for my boys, both of whom love bacon, shoot who doesn’t, right? bacon
So this week, I decided that I was going to bust it out like a supermom and make my children a full, healthy breakfast of champions. I made pancakes with flour and made that little well for the wet ingredients. I used the giant mixer too. All before work. Then the three year old said, “I don’t want pancakes, I want bacon”.

January 26, 2010 - Posted by | Bellybuttonboutique, karla trotman, parenthood

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