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Maternity Stores Are Horrible

Yes, I said it. I remember what is was like to shop in them when I was pregnant and I am still getting flashbacks. The racks were close together, the store was around 400 degrees Fahrenheit and the clothing was GOD AWFUL. And in my area of the country, there is one company that has an absolute monopoly over all things maternity, so you have no choice but to buy from them. They even lease space in department stores so that you are stuck giving them all of your money. This is why I have set out on my own venture. Teaming up with two other individuals, we are going to open our own store that meets the needs of mommies and mommies to be.
Ladies, what do you want to see in your ideal maternity store?

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Your Go-To Maternity Dress for the Holidays! sells products of comfort and support for pre- and postnatal women, so when I saw this dress at a tradeshow, I HAD to add it to my store.  The 6 Way Maternity Dress is your go-to item for the holiday season.  6waydressIt is basically one dress that you can wear six (though I have counted ten) different ways.  Then throughout the holiday season you can wear this dress to every cocktail/holiday party by re-arranging, draping and twisting it into a different style.  Grab some chunky jewelery to glam it up or make is simple and sophisticated with diamond studs.

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