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Nanny Caddy – Your Diaper Bag With Wings

Yesterday, I spent 3 grueling hours at the Please Touch Museum with my husband and two boys.  That place can  give even Ghandi an anxiety attack.  There are children running everywhere.  Its an amazing space with tons of interaction for children, but what it lacks in security oftentimes leaves me panicking whenever my children dart away from me.  In the transportation area, my eldest runs around a ramp towards the bathroom with me sprinting behind.  When I catch up to him I notice a vending machine that looks, well attractive to the eye.

At first I thought it was ice cream, but when I got closer, I noticed that it was a machine filled with all of the things that I had shoved in my purse.  There were diapers, wipes, snacks, wet ones, anti-bacterial gel, all readily available for purchase.  In addition, I saw nursing covers, pacifiers and sippy cups.  This amazing machine was called the Nanny Caddy®.  Mom invented and strategically placed at hectic places, such as the Please Touch Museum, when leaving a diaper in the car could cause a major meltdown for both mom and child.

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