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10 Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Take To The Hospital That ISN’T On Your List

First delivery, we weren’t nearly as prepared for the hospital as we could have been. I googled “the list” of what one should bring. I made due and survived on the bare minimum. By the time our second baby arrived, we were seasoned pros. Here are some comfort items that you will want to have with you during your post delivery stay:

1. Your own pillow. The hospital pillows are thin and hard. After pushing a child out of my body I want to luxuriate in comfort, not on a bale of hay covered with a 125 thread-count pillowcase.

2. Portable DVD Player – While people are visiting you, chances are they will hijack the remote and ignore you after a while. That is when you pull out the DVD player and pop in a movie of choice. Instant entertainment!

3. Inflatable bed – for your partner/spouse/labor coach. They will thank you when they see the option that the hospital provides.

4. Shower shoes – no explanation needed.

5. Super Duper Extra Absorbent Mattress-Size Maxi Pads – Hospital issue pads are no match for what you will be up against.

6. Photo outfit for the baby – They take pictures day 2 or 3, so bring something cute!

7. Your own towel and wash cloth

8. Maternity clothes for the ride home – Many women think that they will be skinny after giving birth. Think again.

9. Blankets/jacket/outerwear for the baby – The baby is coming home with you and depending on the climate that you are living in, the baby blankets that the hospital gives you isn’t enough.

10. Breast pump – the hospital has lactation consultants. May as well take advantage of the advice while you are there.

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