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goings on in the world of pregnancy and the time thereafter’s Top 5 Push Gifts

She carried your child for 40 weeks, went through a body transformation, battle ailments, bouts of sleeplessness and was in labor for an immeasurable amount of time.  What does one give as a gift in recognition of all that she has been through? Being that most men are not really good shoppers, I thought that I would highlight a few gifts that say, “Thanks for going through it all”.  Here is’s list of the Top 5 Push Gifts:

1.  A gift card to DSW – After wearing “sensible” shoes for the past 6 months, she is ready to burn them and move on.  And lets face it, pregnancy has probably caused her feet to grow out of every pair of shoes that she owns.  A gift card from DSW or her favorite shoe place will bring instant tears to her eyes.  Personalize it with a picture (like the sonogram) for an extra special touch.

2.  Hand stamped “I Am Blessed” Necklace by KLA Custom Creations – After experiencing the ability to grow a human being inside of your body and bring it into the world there will be no question of how blessed she is.

3.  Gift certificate for baby concierge services – Yes, a baby concierge.  Now that the little one is here errands and other daily tasks will start to pile up.  Premier Baby Concierge offers services to help moms transition during this time.  Services include:  personal assistant, education, support, and more.

4.  Postpartum Chiropractic Adjustment – Getting back into shape may be a primary concern for mama, but making sure that the body is ready for activity is step one.  According to, “Chiropractic adjustments quicken recovery time and assist the body in normalizing overall pelvic and spinal biomechanics following pregnancy”.  Find a chiropractor that specializes in postnatal adjustments.  Specifically, the Webster Technique.

5.  Meal Delivery – Yes, she will be on maternity leave, but that doesn’t mean that she has the time or energy to cook.  A wonderful gift would be having her breakfast, lunch and dinners prepared by a local chef who will stock the refrigerator with the meals in advance.  Chefs are trained to create meals for special diets and allergies and can even come up with a special menu for new mommy.

I’d love your comments, what do you think is a great push gift?

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