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Pregnancy isn’t comfortable

I have a three and a one year old.  They are the joys of my life, but their entry into my world was not cool.  Nausea, stretching of the skin (ouch), gestational diabetes, bed rest, gaining tons of weight, inability to sleep, hot flashes…it was not pretty.  In my mind, I was going to be super cute with a baby bump and long wonderful hair and great skin.  My reality, I tipped the scale at 198 lbs, my hair was out of control and I sweated all of the time!  When I went online to find products that would make my life comfortable, I found next to nothing, so I suffered.  Eventually, I went on to hire a doula.  She made my life a thousand times better.  She was like a pregnancy concierge!  I called her often and she pointed me all the right directions.

Second pregnancy I harnessed the information that I had and did more independent research.  I didn’t want all of my knowledge to go to waste.  I knew that other women were suffering as I did,  so I started:  We sell products of comfort and relief to pre and postnatal women.  Nine months is a long time to be uncomfortable!

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