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5 Things I Learned AFTER Having A Baby

I started my online store because I didn’t want women to suffer through pregnancy as I did.  Reading the typical books and spending the 8-9 minutes in during my OB/GYN appointments didn’t totally prepare me for what I was going through.  So, to narrow it down, here are 5 things that I wish I knew prior to having a baby that I learned afterwards.

1.  Noppies – You can wear these pants from the minute that you find out that you are comfortable until after the baby is delivered.  The price tag is a little scary, but considering that you will live in these pants, I would suggest getting 2 pairs.

2.  Pillows – I tried to be cheap and buy a regular body pillow.  It wasn’t the same.  I invested in a wedge pillow for the 1st and 3rd trimester and a body pillow for when I really needed comfort.  I also bought a lumbar pillow for work.  Now there are pillows for resting on your belly!  I am a stomach sleeper and would have LOVED this!

3.  Spider Veins – With the added weight and pressure there is a chance that you will develop spider veins.  Luckily compression hosiery is available and they don’t look like grandma tights!  Now-a-days compression hosiery look just like trouser socks and sheer stockings.  They do not snag as easily and they hold up better.

4.  Diastasis – WHO KNEW that your ab muscles stretch open in order to make room for the baby.  And sometimes they don’t return back to where they started.  This is why women sometimes still look pregnant when the baby is 4 years old.  Good news is that this can be repaired with abdominal splinting and exercises.

5.  Breastfeeding HURTS – yes, it hurts.  I thought that it was going to be the most automatic and natural thing for a new mother to do.  IT IS NOT.  Breastfeeding is hard and frustrating.  Your chest area will become sore and its not fun.  Its one of those things that you have to decided whether or not you are going to go through with it.  If you decide to do it, you push through the pain and eventually it gets better.  Eventually it becomes second nature and is really easy.  For moms who have trouble getting out of be (like me), its wonderful – no bottles to warm up at 4 AM.  But if you can’t push through the pain, believe me, I understand.  Now there are products designed to help you through this time period.  My personal favorite is the Shower Hug.  Its great for stopping leakage at night, protection your chest in the shower and for abdominal support right after the baby is born.

You can find many of these products plus other items to help you through your pregnancy and postpartum period at

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