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What are your top 5 New Year’s resolutions for getting healthy and fit in 2010?

So all mommies want to get their bodies back into shape after having the baby. But whether you are pregnant or not, we should all strive for top health and fitness. It wouldn’t be fair for me to ask yours without sharing mine:

1. I love sweets, so I am going to cut down on that drastically. Sugar = Fat

2. I am going to shoot for hot yoga every other week. Every week is a commitment that I know that I cannot make.

3. Gym in the AM at least 3 times per week

4. Fridays with the kids will be more active.

5. Cut down of french fries, my favorite accompaniment to all dishes beef.

So what spurred this entry (double entry in one day)? Twitter Moms!  This contest made me think about how close we are to February and how spring is around the corner. They are giving away Your Shape w/Jenny McCarthy for Wii.  Perhaps if I win, I will look like Jenny too…one day.


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Pancakes Schmancakes

As a working mother of two children I really do try to do it all, which explains why I want to pass out with my clothes on every evening. I am blessed to have a husband that makes lunches and assists with the bedtime routine…The truest example of teamwork making the dream work. On Mondays, my grandmother watches the 21 month old. She made me feel absolutely horrible that I wasn’t making a full on breakfast for my boys. I thought that oatmeal was perfectly acceptable. It’s warm and yummy and takes no time to make. So recently she started making bacon at her home and BRINGING it to my house for my boys, both of whom love bacon, shoot who doesn’t, right? bacon
So this week, I decided that I was going to bust it out like a supermom and make my children a full, healthy breakfast of champions. I made pancakes with flour and made that little well for the wet ingredients. I used the giant mixer too. All before work. Then the three year old said, “I don’t want pancakes, I want bacon”.

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Tips For New Moms

1.  At the hospital, ask for a postpartum abdominal binder.  They usually give them to you after a c-section, but will give you one after a normal delivery if you ask.

Postpartum Abdominal Binder

2.  At your 6 week postpartum appointment ask your doctor to to check for diastasis rectiDiastasis means separation and in this case, your outer most abdominal muscles are separated and behind held together by a thin connective tissue.  You outer most abdominal muscles support your back and your internal organs.  It can be repaired using the Diastasis Splint and the Lose Your Mummy Tummy DVD and supplemental products.

Diastasis Rehab Gift Pack

3. Don’t be afraid to take the recovery products that you use in the hospital home with you. The sitz bath, peri bottle, cold packs, disposable underwear, dibucaine ointment, tucks pads, etc…you WILL want them. Besides, they are going to charge you for it anyway!

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